As retail sales are harder and challenging to achieve, retailers are constantly looking how to concentrate more and more on their business. Which makes sense!

But as years go by with support departments and services being reduced or even abolished, company losses begin to climb, sales losses are felt, customer loyalty is harder to keep, property damage, turnover of people …. list goes on.

Sales & operations departments are taking in more responsibilities making it more difficult to do everything WELL!

Why? Reducing costs have a ripple effect, lack of training and coaching, more stores and locations to supervise, achieve objectives, lack of proper follow-up etc.…

Well PO7 Consulting has a solution. With well over 35 years of experience in retail operations, with a specialty in risk management we can look at your situation, effectively perform a proper assessment and analysis.

We can work together to establish a realistic and budgetary plan to answer your needs in the areas of concern.

Services such as:

  • Store Audits & Inspections – Visit Target Stores
  • Train the Trainer technique – Regional and Store Management
  • Customer service validations – Mystery Shoppers
  • Cycle counts of your merchandise and property – Stock on Hand vs Physical
  • Asset Protection services – Protect : People – Product – Property
  • Store Opening / Closing Verifications – Bag checks / Back Door

We can build a custom package to serve medium and large companies, help improve sales and reduce losses therefore creating more profits for you.

We have knowledge and experience to work with different departments making us a center of resources available for you.

Human Resources – Legal – Real Estate – Distribution – Transportation – Warehouse & DC – Logistics – Finance – Payroll – Banking – Sales & Operations – Web E-Com

For a free consultation and discussion, do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you achieve your objectives!

Paul Fancellu 

Founder & President
Commercial and Retail Business Solutions