In general, it's noted that whenever the economy is booming, so is the construction industry, and whenever the construction industry is enjoying an increase in productivity, so are the local bandits. Construction site theft has become a huge concern in the industry and if you look at the statistics, you can see why some are calling it an epidemic. $ 45 million in Canada on an annual basis, and South of the border it's estimated anywhere from $500 million to $1 billion in equipment and material.

Construction sites are particularly vulnerable to theft, both by on-site workers and by criminals who recognize an easy opportunity. While construction site theft is not the most common type of criminal activity, it could be one of the costliest. The damage is not limited solely to the cost of replacing the stolen inventory, it also includes lost productivity and lost time filing police reports. It also can include the cost of renting of equipment, higher insurance premiums, and can face heavy fines when deadlines are exceeded due to these delays.

The reason construction site thefts are so prevalent is because of lack of security in many sites makes this type of crime so easy. Given the omnipresence of these crimes and the fact that controlling theft on a construction site can mean the difference between profit and loss on a project, we believe business owners should be extra careful when implementing security measures on their construction sites.

The key to preventing construction equipment theft is deterrence. The harder it is for thieves to get your property, the less likely they are to target you. Camera surveillance is very good to have, but should not be the only deterrence on your site. Security Guards or Patrol is also helpful, but should again be combined with other deterrence on your site.

PO7 Security works in close collaboration with our clients to offer complete and personalized security services adapted to each unique construction site. We have the experience to tailor the right response to your security needs. Preventing is being prepared for any disaster or risk such as employee or supplier personal injury, theft or vandalism and is often the best tactic to securing your business and ensuring these risks are evident and well managed. It also proves that you're taking care of your people and customers. Without a proper prevention plan, any incident can damage your reputation and possibly cause legal issues.

There is no one predominant solution to construction site security, but rather a series of small solutions that together will have a much greater impact at securing your construction site and isolating your job site from theft.

Here’s are our 10 Tips you need to know about what you can do to Prevent Losses and Improve your construction site’s security.

TOP 10 Ways to Protect Your Site and Prevent Losses PO7 Security