Make PO7 Security be your best partner in LOSS PREVENTION. With our many years of experience, we can help you build a tailored strategy that includes market-specific best practices in your environment, such as:

  • How to identify, correct and reduce the risk of losses
  • Establishing effective policies & procedures
  • How to effectively communicate your plan to your people
  • How to properly follow up using Audits & Inspections

Following an effective diagnosis, our team will apply all its expertise into understanding, defining and building a realistic action plan to help you reduce losses and improve your profits.

The Role of Loss Prevention

The role of a LOSS PREVENTION officer or specialist (LPS) is to help protect a retail business’ bottom line by identifying the causes of such losses. Preparation of a detailed action plan highlighting the procedures that need to be followed is essential. Clearly communicating the plan to store operations, through group meetings or on a one-on-one basis is highly effective. Finally, a thorough Review is essential to measure & confirm that the plan is being effectively implemented by operations and is working as intended.

Store location, size of stores, changings rooms, how many people working on the sales floor are among the factors that need to be considered when addressing causes of potential shoplifting opportunities.

Although LOSS PREVENTION duties may vary by region, the common goal is to help reduce losses resulting in increased profits and allowing retailers to reach their desired objectives.Following and confronting suspected shoplifters is not an easy task and it is important to know when to do so. It takes training, multiple roleplaying scenarios and a thorough knowledge of legal procedures. Errors can result in legal repercussions as well as negative social media exposure to the store employee or owner, and potentially cause your brand serious damage. 

Causes of Loss


Shoplifting – Cards - Money currency - Price modification – Robbery – Breaking an entry - Theft by offense - Online sales


Theft of goods - Theft of money – Refunds - Price modification -Theft of personal effects -Employee Purchases - Key control - Information theft - Material theft -Theft of time

Employees and Loss Prevention 

Regardless of the strategy implemented, it should always fit into your overall physical security management plan. Some useful indirect benefits of a LOSS PREVENTION strategy are that it shows your employees that you care about your losses. Employees notice when administrative errors impact their work and this issue can have a serious impact on morale and attitude. Being proactive and showing effort to prevent losses demonstrates to your employees that you are invested in running a high-performing business and have invested to ensure employees respond positively to that effort. 

How serious a problem is retail theft today? 

Local Police authorities are slow or not responding as fast as they should. Most of the courts are back-logged and prosecutions are delayed or dismissed in some cases due to technicalities. With the current realities, prevention and deterrence is a much better strategy than apprehension.

Our Loss Prevention Program 

Introduction to Loss Prevention

  • The fundamentals of retail loss prevention
  • Why it is important that retail managers understand loss prevention
  • The retail manager’s role in loss prevention

Understanding Shrinkage

  • What is shrinkage?
  • Root cause of retail shrinkage
  • The impact of shrinkage on retail profit
  • How to prevent shrinkage

How to Prevent Employee Theft

  • Why employees steal?
  • The process of employee theft
  • How to prevent employee theft

How to Prevent Employee Error

  • Types of employee error
  • How to prevent employee error

How to Prevent Shoplifting

  • How shoplifting occurs?
  • Visual merchandising display and store designs that facilitates shoplifting
  • Shoplifting hot products
  • The impact of shoplifting on a retail store
  • How do Organized Retail Crime gangs operate?

An Efficient Backdoor Receiving System

  • How to properly receive goods
  • How to train receiving staff
  • How does vendor theft and fraud occur?
  • How do supply chain deficiencies contribute to shrinkage?
  • How to create an efficient receiving system

How to Create a Culture of Loss Prevention

  • Why loss prevention is essential for the success of any retail business
  • How to get employee buy-in into loss prevention activities
  • What is the role of store employees 

How to Use Loss Prevention Technology Effectively

  • What are the latest retail technologies?
  • What are their functionalities?

Who Is This Training For?

  • Retail store manager
  • Retail regional managers
  • Retail department supervisors

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